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Quilter's JEM 100/100 Club - Week 10 (blocks 46-50)

Hello friends!

Here we are, in the middle of the Triangles chapter, and we are still loving the Triangles blocks. This week also marks our halfway point - possibly we deserve cake at this point? Maybe a cupcake.

Block 46 - what could be easier than four half-square triangles (HSTs)? Not much. Also, these are the perfect size for making those bonus HSTs for future scrap projects, too!

Block 47 - what happens when you repeat the idea of block 46, but smaller and with more HSTs?

Block 48 - This one is a fun combination of HSTs and rectangles. You might notice that Kim and Merie put their blocks together slightly differently. They aren't worried out this. Not one bit.

Block 49 - this one makes me think of both flying geese and also the phrase "going...going...gone" as the geese fly right out of the block.

Block 50 - I know. It looks scary. Those are very small HSTs. Kim says that when they get this small it is especially helpful to her to cut the squares an inch bigger, make the HSTs, and then trim them down. Yes, there's a little more waste this way, but a lot less stress!

Happy sewing!
~ Quilter's JEM