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Quilter's JEM 100/100 Club - Week 14 (blocks 66-70)

Hello friends!

The last week of Stripes is here, so once you sew up these blocks, get ready for Squares! Here are our blocks for this week, and at the end I'll post my blocks from last week (I fell a wee bit behind.)

Block 66 - this block features staggered rows - the finished block looks like it was more complicated to piece together than it actually is!

Block 67 - I think of this block as being a stage (the bottom half) with the curtains closed before the performance starts (the top hapf) and so on the top half I used fabric very close in color and value to suggest soft ripples of curtains.

Block 68 - this block frames alternating bars - again I went with subtle differences in the bars rather than sharp contrasts.

Block 69 - more of those tiny stripes! I am not crazy about sewing these tiny stripes, but I really like the way they look when they are finished! For these stripes I did use contrasting colors, though the value is still very close.

Block 70 - tiny stripes, wide stripes, alternating stripes...this block is a great way to end the Stripes chapter!

As we get closer to the end I find myself alternating between being fully confident I have enough fabric remaining for my original FQ bundle to finish all the blocks and panicking that I definitely do not have enough fabric remaining to finish all the blocks! One thing I wish I have thought of back at the beginning is buying extra of one or two of my prints for sashing and/or borders. I'm not completely out of luck - I can use one of the grunges I supplemented my bundle with, and I can hunt diligently for more of the prints I am using - alas, this is a line from about 3 years ago, so my chances my be slim! I will keep you posted on this nerve-wracking dilemma! ;)

Blocks from last week:

Kim's Blocks 65-70!
Happy sewing!
~ Quliter's JEM