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Quilter's JEM 100/100 Club - Week 20!

Yes, my friends, that is a stack of 100 blocks! Yay! Here we are at the end of the book with the last five blocks:

Block 96 - Finally, at the end of the blocks, I figure out a good combo for this brown Grunge that has otherwise not played as well with my Raindrop fabrics as I thought it would!

Block 97 - The cicada prints have ended up being my favorites of the Raindrop line, and I love each of them paired with this purple Grunge!

Block 98 - Something happened to my brain once I reached the last five blocks, and I kept cutting pieces the wrong size. At this point, I was too excited to be almost done to dig out the right fabric and fix it. Instead, I reached for my bag of tiny scraps and fixed it with a piece that was the right size. Can you guess which one of these was not originally intended for this block? Of course you can! And I am okay with that.

Block 99 - As you can see here, it happened again.

Block 100 - The "rain rain go away" prints were my second favorites in the Raindrop line, and this last block gave me one last chance to use it, along with two of my favorite light Grunges.

Now we just have to decide what to do with all these beautiful blocks! There are lots of setting options in the book, and if you search online or on Instagram you will see so many more. You can also group blocks together to make smaller projects - runners, baby quilts, pillows, etc.

I think I will be joining all mine right up next to each other, but with a thin border between the last round of blocks and the center. Maybe. Not totally committed yet! However you decide to put your blocks together, we would love to see what you've made!

Now, who is ready to sign up for the Summer Moon Quilt-along?    :)

Happy Sewing!
~ Quilter's JEM