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For years, tulips have been my favorite flower.  They have such elegant long stems and leaves.  A group of of tulip stems, with buds not yet opened, arching over in a gentle curve, creates a lovely sight.  I'm fascinated by how they can be so pretty in the simplest of shapes with a single color, or have big multicolored and striped petals with ruffled and fringed edges.  It's as if the flowers said, "it is time to put on our flowing dresses and dance."  And not just any dance, but one where they are the star of the show in rich color and graceful, dramatic shapes.  

Tulip Tango shows big luscious blooms in the main prints with the twinkle of light and movement in the background.  The gracefulness of the leaves command their own coordinate print with the movement of sweeping curves.  Tulip paisleys dance around each other  while simple scattered butterflies quietly flutter among the tulip. bouquets, their wings blending in amongst the beautiful buds.  A special little twist to the complimenting Thatched this time...a dotty party of little spots!